About Us

Since 1976, Mike & Dinar Jooma have owned and operated several jewelry boutiques. With over 30 years of experience, they have refined their knowledge of the jewelry industry. In addition to their skill and expertise, they feel that our commitment to customer satisfaction is our strongest asset.

The Jooma Family’s jewelry legacy began like most business: very small. Our family started out by selling to people in the neighborhood, then to flea markets, then into shopping malls, and now we have a great location in the Heart of Buckhead! We have evolved over the years, starting off selling costume jewelry, then silver, then gold, then diamonds and watches; and now custom diamond jewelry. The new faces of the Jooma Family are Mike & Dinar's three sons: Moizz, Rafi and Zahir. After all, growing up in the business, we have developed a passion for the business. It's so much easier to work when you love what you do!

Over the past few years, we have cultivated our skills in custom jewelry manufacturing and have opened a state of the art factory to accommodate our demand. Custom jewelry is on the rise with great growth potential, which has allowed us to be one of the finest jewelers in Buckhead.

Meet the Staff

Mike - Dad
Dinar - Mom
Mo - Big Brother
Mina - Big Brother's Wife
Rafi - Middle Brother
Shireen - Middle Brother's Fiance'
Zahir - The Little Brother
Allen - GIA Trained Master Gold Smith
Jonathan - Custom Jewelry Designer